Windows Live Hotmail limits

What are the sending limits for Windows Live Hotmail accounts?

The limits depend on whether you have just registered a new account, have been using your account for a while already or have a paid account.

Account typeRecipients per messageMessages per day
New account10 – 5010 – 50
Free user100300
Paid user100>300

The limits of a new account are gradually increased based upon their (proper) usage. This probation period usually takes a few days.

If you find your account blocked because of these limits, or you need to upgrade the limits of your paid account (including Hotmail Plus and MSN Premium), you can contact Windows Live Hotmail support directly or post a question here with your account name and the exact error you get when sending. That forum is moderated by Windows Live Hotmail Support and they can track your usage and modify the limits for you.

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