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Robert SparnaaijRobert Sparnaaij A.K.A Roady in the Microsoft Answers Forums is a MVP for Office Systems – Outlook.

He is a graduate in Bachelor of Engineering for Information Technology and Management, a graduate in Master of Science for ICT in Business, is MCSA + MCSE certified for Windows 2000 and has been working professionally with Exchange and Outlook systems since 1999. He has worked as an ICT Consultant and at an IT service desk with key tasks such as supporting internal clients, administering servers and business applications, setting up and guiding implementation and upgrade projects, setting up documentation and procedures for the department, company and end-users, and advising and supporting the ICT Management department. He is co-author of the book Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003 published by Elsevier Digital Press.

He has a true ideal of creating the paperless office and maintaining information availability. With his web site HowTo-Outlook and MSOutlook.info and his participation in the Microsoft Communities, he tries to help people to work efficiently with Outlook and related programs and systems on a daily basis.

Robert can be contacted via feedback@msoutlook.info. This address can also be used to report about broken links, tips or faulty content. This address cannot be used for personal support on Microsoft Office Outlook. For this you can use the Microsoft Office Outlook Forums. He is a frequent poster there together with Microsoft staff, other MVP’s and lots of other enthusiasts to help you on your way.

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