Public Folder Contacts and Calendars in Navigation Pane

Outlook keeps a lists of Calendar and Contacts that I have accessed from other users in the Calendar and Contacts Navigation; this works great. However, we also have several Contacts and Calendar folders in Public Folders, and when I access those, I do not see them added to the Contacts and Calendar Navigation.
How can I make them show up there?

These folders will automatically be added to the Contacts and Calendar Navigation when you add them to your Public Folder favorites.

To do so; browse to the folder in Public Folders, right click them and choose: Add to Favorites…
You’ll get a dialog on where exactly you want to position the folder in Public Folder Favorites and how sub folders should be handled. If you just want this folder to show up in your Navigation Pane, accepting the default will do.

Note: This also applies to the other folder types in Outlook such as Notes, Tasks and Journals. For adding Mail Folders from Public Folders to your Mail Navigation, see this previous post.

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