Accessing Public Folders while offline

When I’m offline, I can still read my email thanks to Cached Exchange Mode. However, I don’t have access to my Public Folders anymore. Is there some way I can cache these as well?

Yes, that is possible, but it is a 2 step process.

Step 1: Enable caching on Public Folder Favorites

  1. Right click on the root of your mailbox and choose Properties
  2. Click the Advanced… button
  3. Click the Advanced tab
  4. Enable “Download Public Folder Favorites”
  5. Confirm the notification, close all open Outlook dialogs and restart Outlook as instructed

Step 2: Add the Public Folder to your Favorites

  1. Browse to the Public Folder you want to cache
  2. Right click on the Public Folder and choose Add to Favorites…
  3. Optionally you can click on the Options>> button to configure how subfolders should be handled
  4. Press OK

Note: be careful of which and how many Public Folders you want to cache as Public Folders can sometimes be very large. You’ll download all this data in an ost-file on your hard disk and a really large ost-file could result in poor performance.

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