Remove proper mail from Junk E-mail folder

Once or twice a month I go through the Junk E-Mail folder and scan through looking for valid e-mails. If I find something that isn’t Junk, I click Mark As Not Junk and then it moves it to the Inbox.

I had multiple senders with multiple e-mails in my Junk E-mail folder and I had to manually look for and move each e-mail to the Inbox.

Is there any way to Mark As Not Junk and then have that automatically apply to other e-mails in the Junk E-mail folder from the same sender?

Unfortunately the Junk E-mail isn’t that clever to recognize that. However, you can group your Junk E-mail folder by sender so that all the emails of the same sender are nicely put together allowing you an easier move and recognition of those messages.

To do this you can use the Arrange By feature which can be found in the View menu in Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. As an alternative and for previous versions of Outlook you could choose to Sort By sender by either clicking on the From column header or View-> Current View-> Customize Current View…-> button Sort…

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