Message header info on 1 line or 2

When looking at my message list in the Inbox, sometimes the header information is shown on 1 line and sometimes it is on 2. It seems a bit erratic this way.
How can I have it to always show on 2 lines?

The default behavior is that it will show on 1 line if there is enough horizontal space, and will show on 2 lines when there is limited horizontal space.

You can force a consistent behavior of always showing it on 2 lines by going to;
View-> Arrange By-> Custom…-> Other Settings…->
disable option: Use compact layout in widths smaller than xx characters.
select: Always use compact layout

This will prevent it from switching back and forth between compact or not when changing the location of the Reading Pane or when resizing your Outlook window on a large or widescreen monitor.

Note: This view setting is per folder. If you want this setting to apply to all your folders at once, you’d have to modify your default “Messages” view template.

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