Exporting emails to an Access database

I am exporting emails to an access database. All works fine, but I would like to export the Email Received Date/Time into the database as well. This field does not show up in the export wizard. How can I achieve this?

The Import and Export option in Outlook has some serious limitations and you just came across one of them. To achieve this you’ll have to use the Import option from within Access.

For Access 2007
Create a new blank database-> select a table-> tab External Data-> press More in section Import-> Outlook Folder

For Access 2003 and previous
Create a new blank database-> select a table-> File-> Get External Data-> Import…-> in the Files of type dropdown list select either Exchange() or Outlook()
Careful, if you ever want to import that database back into Outlook, you’ll have to store the database in Access 97-2003 .mdb format. Even Outlook 2007 doesn’t support the new Access 2007 .accdb format. It’s another limitation…

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