Don’t send too large messages

Sometimes I add attachments which are too large to send and the message will hang in my Outbox. I know my ISP has a limit of 10MB but I sometimes get too excited with adding large pictures or other stuff. Is there any way I can work around this so that I don’t get any Send/Receive errors and have to pry them out of the Outbox?

You can create a rule that checks if the message is larger than 10240KB and if it is to postpone the message by 120 minutes. This will allow you enough time to cancel the message.

To create a rule choose Tools-> Rules and Alerts. Make sure you start with a blank rule and choose the option to check message after sending.

The whole message rule could be like this;

  • Apply this rule after I send the message
  • with a size at least 10240 and at most 999999 kilobytes
  • defer delivery by 120 minutes

Note: 1MB (megabyte) is 1024KB (kilobyte), so in our example 10MB is 10240 kilobyte

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