Change default address list in OWA

In one of your previous tips, you mentioned how to set your private Contacts folder as the default when selecting the Address Book instead of showing the Global Address List first.
When I’m away from the office, I’m forced to use Outlook Web Access instead of being able to use Outlook.
Is there any way I can make this change in OWA as well?

This depends on the version of Exchange that you are connecting to.

While you can change the default in OWA 2003, sadly you cannot change the default address list, when bringing up the Address Book or by pressing the To, Cc or Bcc buttons, in OWA 2007. However, you can still change the default address list that is being used when OWA 2007 is resolving names.

OWA on Exchange 2003
To have Outlook Web Access 2003 select your Contacts folder by default when opening the Address Book;

  1. Press the Options button in the bottom left corner.
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the options screen.
  3. Set the “Check names first in:” option to Contacts.

OWA on Exchange 2007
To have Outlook Web Access 2007 try to resolve names via your Contacts folder first before trying the Global Address List (GAL);

  1. Press the Options button in the right top corner (left from your name and the logoff button).
  2. In the pane on the left click on “General Settings”.
  3. Set the “When resolving names, check first in:” option to Contacts.
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