Cache shared mail folders

I’m using Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode so I can read my emails while off-line. I’ve also got access to additional mailboxes and shared mail folders but these are only available when on-line.
Can I also somehow cache these folders?

Support for caching shared folders with Cached Exchange Mode depends on your version of Outlook. Full caching support for additional mailboxes is first introduced in Outlook 2010. For Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, workarounds are needed.

Support overview
In the table below you’ll find an overview of the level of Cached Exchange Mode support.

version\cachePublic Folder FavoritesShared Folders (non mail)Shared mail folders
Outlook 2003OXX
Outlook 2007OOX
Outlook 2010OOO

There are a couple of workarounds if you want to cache mail folders as well in Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007;

  • Edit the Registry (Outlook 2007 only)
    With a registry key change you can force Outlook 2007 to also cache shared mail folders.
  • Use IMAP for additional mailboxes
    IMAP supports caching and syncing mail folders with the server mailbox. In order to connect to an additional mailbox as an IMAP account, you’ll need to have full mailbox permissions on the additional mailbox assigned by your mail administrator. You should also contact your mail admin for the settings to set up the mailbox via IMAP.
  • Use an additional mail profile
    If you have full mailbox access to the additional mailbox, then you can also configure it with its own mail profile. Since in this mail profile the additional mailbox would be the main mailbox, caching the mailbox will work. The downside of this method is that you’ll need to restart Outlook in order to change mail profiles (and update the cache).
  • Use Public Folders to share content
    If you only need to share one or a limited amount of folders, then storing the shared data in a Public Folder might be handier. You can still fully control who has access to the folder and when you mark the Public Folder as a Favorite Folder, then it will also be cached for off-line usages.
  • Use SharePoint
    If your company is using SharePoint, then you can also opt to share the content via the SharePoint website. Outlook can connect to SharePoint as well and cache the contents from the SharePoint site. To share more than just Contacts and Events, you’ll at least need Outlook 2007 and SharePoint 2007.
  • Use a pst-file
    While this won’t be really sharing or caching, you could copy the content you’ll need when working off-line to a pst-file. Since pst-files are stored locally, you would always have access to it. Make sure you copy back any changes you’ve made when getting back on-line again.
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