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Can I use wildcards when using Instant Search in Outlook 2007? It appears that I have to type the EXACT word to find anything. In previous versions of Outlook I could use also only part of a word to find it.

Example: On Subject line: Jims Warehouse x027886

With 2000 I could type 2788 and find the record.
With 2007 I have to type x02788 to find the record.

I’ve checked all the indexing and It all seems correct.

Correct, Instant Search doesn’t provide that search option and will only find the items that contain a word that begins with your search string. In your example it would only find items which start with 2788.

To do a query that also find items that end with 2788 or have 2788 somewhere in the middle you’ll have to do an Advanced Find query that has the "contains" condition.

To do this;

  1. Tools-> Instant Search-> Advanced Find…
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. Press Field and select Frequently-used fields-> Subject
  4. Set Condition: to "Contains"
  5. Set Value: to "2788"
  6. Press "Add to List"
  7. Press "Find Now"

Of course you can also do this with different fields like Message and From. For each field that you want to search on you’ll have to press "Add to List" to build your query.

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