Search subfolders with Instant Search

Instant Search only works on the folder that I’m currently in or on the entire mailbox. I know I’m in the right project folder but it has too many subfolders to do my search on. Is there some way to make it possible to search the subfolders for the folder that I’m in as well?

Not directly, but you can make it work with a simple workaround. You can create a Search Folder that lists all mail from selected folders and their subfolders. Now that all mail is being displayed in a single folder, Instant Search will work on all the subfolders as well.

To create a new Search Folder;

  • File-> New-> Search Folder…
  • Select "Create a custom Search Folder"
  • Press the "Choose…" button
  • Type a name for the Search Folder (for instance; project name – all mail)
  • Press the "Browse…" button
  • Deselect the root folder (otherwise you’ll do a full mailbox search)
  • Select the folder that you want to search sub folders for
  • Verify that the "Search subfolders" option is selected
  • "OK" yourself out of the open dialogs

The Search Folder will be created as a sub folder in "Search Folders".

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