Keep categories while replying/forwarding

I sort my email by using categories and I do the same for my outgoing emails. Before Outlook 2007, when I forwarded or replied to a message my categories would be retained and my outgoing mail would be sorted automatically. Now when I press forward or reply the message is stripped of its categories. How can I get it to behave like previous versions of Outlook?

You can change this behavior in the registry.
Browse to;

Here create the following registry key via Edit-> New
Value Name: SendPersonalCategories
Value Type: DWORD
Value Data: 1

If the key has the value 0 or is not available then you won’t keep the categories on replies and forwards.

Note that your message will also be send out with the Categories information. This means that you could expose some personal information (depending on how you name your categories) to the receiver of the message.

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