Delete email at set date

When I get an email sometimes I only need to keep it for a few days or weeks. By the time it is out of date it has disappeared down my inbox, so it often does not get deleted.

When I get an email is it possible to put on a setting to delete it on a date in the future? I could put on a flag to remind me to deletion later, but would like it even better if it deleted without any further input.

You’re describing a perfect scenario to illustrate how Expiration dates and AutoArchive can work together and do this work for you.

When you receive an item you want to have deleted automatically at a certain date, double click to open it. Then open the Options… dialog. In Outlook 2007 you do this by clicking the little expansion button in right bottom corner of the Options section in the Ribbon. In previous versions of Outlook you do this by View-> Options…

In the newly opened dialog select the Expires after: setting and set the date for when the item should be deleted.

For it to automatically delete on that date you need to correctly set AutoArchive.

  1. In the main Outlook window choose Tools-> Options…-> tab Other-> button AutoArchive…
  2. Select: Run AutoArchive every x days
  3. Set this to 1 day if you really want to delete the item on that exact date
  4. Verify that the option Delete expired items is selected
  5. If you don’t want AutoArchive to do anything else to all your other emails and other Outlook data, disable the option Archive or delete old items
  6. Press OK and OK again to close the open dialogs.

The next time AutoArchive runs after the Expiration Date it will automatically delete the item.

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