Change default length of an appointment

When scheduling appointments, the length defaults to a half hour. I would like to have one hour as the default.
How can I change this?

You cannot change the default length of an appointment when using the “New” menu button to create a new appointment or meeting. This will always be set to a duration of half an hour with the start time at the next full or half our on the clock.
For example; using New-> Appointment at 9:37 will create a new appointment starting at 10:00 and ending at 10:30.

However, if you use the New button from within your calendar or double click on a place within your calendar to crate a new appointment, then the duration of the appointment will be set to the time scale of your calendar. So, in order to have a new appointment default to 1 hour, then you’ll have to set the time scale of your calendar to 1 hour as well.

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