Clickable index in emails

I want to send a message that that contains an index which people can click on. So they can click on a topic and it will directly jump to that section within the email.
How can I do this?

You can create such a table of contents (TOC) by using a combination of bookmarks and hyperlinks.

For this to work in Outlook 2003 and previous, you’ll first have to make sure that you have Word set as the email editor;
Tools-> Options…-> tab Mail Format

  1. First, type you message and write out your index as well.
  2. Go to a location that you want your users to jump to and choose;
    Insert-> Bookmark
  3. Type a name for the bookmark and press Add.
  4. Now select the text in the index that you want the receiver to click.
  5. Choose; Insert-> Hyperlink
  6. Click the Bookmark… button in the Insert Hyperlink dialog.
  7. Select the bookmark you want the receiver to jump to.
  8. Press OK and OK again to close all the open dialogs.
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